Love Notes

First of all, my sincere thanks to all who were so gracious in your comments about my “Uncle Jesus” post last week (which you can still read by clicking on the link just above this paragraph).  This blog is definitely a work in progress, but my hope is to make it worth your time, starting with weekly posts to get the fly wheel going, and we’ll see where it goes from here. Also, a BIG shout out to Richard, my partner of 27 years today, who constantly inspires me to lift heavier, run faster and think harder. Thank you, kind sir!

After last week’s long and demanding prose, I offer up this poem of few words from the 80s, with love to you all. Thanks for stopping by!

Love Notes

If Love does not exist,
Then gifts do not,
For gifts are Love made real
And, were not gifts,
Would be no peace
Nor joy
Nor sun to light the way.

That others see not,
And therefore act not
In consequence of Love,
Is not to say that Love is lost
Or up and flown away.
If never shown,
It’s never known,
And what has never been received
Can hardly be delivered.

To know Love is to grow Love
That it may yet be sown
From end to end along the path
That links us all together.

Were there not Love
Would be no fear,
For there would be nothing to lose;
Would be no hope,
For there would be nothing to gain;
Would be no life,
For there would be no reason.

Before the beginning, was Love.
After the ending, is Love.

All that matters, or ever will,
Is Love.

Love is Everything.


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