About George Thomas Wilson’s “In Praise of Angels”

George Thomas WilsonWelcome to my blog, a free-wheeling whiteboard upon which I hope to post all sorts of things, but all related, one way or another, to building upon the idea that we are all one family under the Fatherhood of God, or, as I said in my second entry, all nieces and nephews of Uncle Jesus.

If you are really interested in the nature of my faith – and my inspirations – there are three posts written at the beginning of this adventure and revised over and over through the years till they were done to my satisfaction that will give you the whole picture. I encourage you to read and share, if they speak to you. These are”

“Part I: The Family of God: Uncle Jesus” https://inpraiseofangels.com/…/the-family-of-god-uncle-jesus-seventh-and-final/
“Part II: The Flow of God: Living Water” https://inpraiseofangels.com/…/the-flow-of-god-living-water-and-all-that-missing-matter-seventh-and-final
and “Part III: The Love of God: Uncut Diamonds” https://inpraiseofangels.com/…/the-love-of-god-uncut-diamonds-seventh-and-final

I believe in angels, I believe they work in pairs, and it is my intention to honor them and all the good they deliver by naming this blog for them. If you want to know more about why, I invite you to read: https://inpraiseofangels.wordpress.com/2015/01/29/why-in-praise-of-angels/    May this work ever and always be subject to their good guidance.

Thank you for coming in for a visit, and have a great day!

George Thomas Wilson

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: The beautiful angel art in the header was created by Sasha Zhitneva (sasha@szd.net).

2 Responses to About George Thomas Wilson’s “In Praise of Angels”

  1. Liz Larsen says:

    Wisdom, inspiration AND a great Key lime pie recipe? You are the gift that keeps on giving!

  2. Eberleknight@gmail says:

    I am immensely intrigued and a little hesitant. Are pagans welcome in your world?

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