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Giving Life to Art: A Profound Event

We didn’t know it at the time, but the summer of 1996 proved to be a turning-point of enormous proportions for the world – and especially our little corner of it – because that was the season when we first … Continue reading

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See It. Know It. Do It.

Okay, so I realized a few days ago that, as of December 20th, I’m exactly two-thirds of the way to being a hundred years old. Wow. Not that I’m concerned about it. I’ve always said – you can ask any … Continue reading

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A Burning of Stories, Part I

Good afternoon, everyone. My apologies for being so long away from this blog, but I have the best excuse ever. Our house burned down. Yes, that house. Cedar House. The one from which so much of this blog has sprung. … Continue reading

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“Consider the Lilies…” 2016

How can you not give your whole heart to the unlikely miracle of the day lily, a flower, as we learned from Superstorm Sandy, that takes fully two years to form and then, in one magnificent thrust of proud determination … Continue reading

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Summer’s Bounty, June to September, 2016

As I write this, there is hard cold rain blowing horizontal out the windows. The pool man was here earlier to tie down the cover for winter and I was reminded by the radio a few minutes ago that this … Continue reading

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