Well, dear readers, I was convinced that, by now, I would have finished the the third in my trio of essays based upon my daily prayers, but even though I’ve spent about 20 hours working on it this weekend, it is still not ready for posting, so, once again, I’m posting one of my poems.

It does, I have to say, seem to fit, following upon the heels of “The Living Water Boson.” I hope you enjoy.


When God inked up His fountain pen
To fashion His designs —
To strategize proportions and
Deliberate the lines —

He set His mind awhirl to sow,
As far as mind can see,
A garden grown for Love, of Light —
Galactic husbandry;

A grove of Beauty, Goodness, Truth,
Of Justice right as rain,
Of Mercy’s loving majesty and
Wisdom’s birth in pain.

He studied stripes and polka dots,
Tried solids, strong and bright,
He pondered plaid’s potential
To illuminate the night.

He pictured possibilities —
Batik to bas relief —
Until His mind, at last, refined
The ultimate motif:

Brilliant stars in graceful swirls
Would be His signature,
Like iridescent strands of pearls,
Milky-white and pure.

Ere long His strokes fell sure and swift,
As details came to view,
Revealing ever greater depth
From which we might ensue,

As every star did then unfurl
A swirl of worlds to tend.
And when he placed a special pearl,
A wonder there he penned…

Where gentle winds could waft just right,
Dews form at end of night,
Where lacy swirls of purest white
Filtered out relentless light,

He brushed the softest stroke of all
From His All-Knowing Mind —
The mark to make the Masterpiece:
The swirl of humankind.

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1 Response to Fractals

  1. P.C. says:

    Beautifully vivid creation poem!

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